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if you've noticed, i haven't submitted anything this week, i'll explain why.
i have been working on two songs, one is trance (in the style of Feel and Core)
, and one is a... well... haven't figured that out yet.
the songs don't have names yet, if you have any ideas PM me.

but that's not the only thing i have done, i also found a problem with Tek Planet, about 40 seconds have gone missing! i'll upload the fixed one soon.

also i have asked about what you like the most from me, it turned out it's still trance, but ii'll promise, my next song will be hardcore, a friend of mine has asked for it

trance or hardcore?? you decide

2007-10-23 14:50:13 by black-diamond

right, it might sound a bit stupid, but i'm thinking of switching completely to hardcore.

it's because my trance is getting lower ratings as usual (4.30 to 3.60! does it have something to do with my age?? ) i'm not sure if i should continue with making trance stuff.

you can vote, if it's 50% trance 50% hardcore, or something like that, i'll just make more hardcore.
if it's a 30% trance 70% hardcore, i'll make a new newgrounds account for my hardcore, remove it from my account and posting it on the new one.
if it's 90% hardcore, it might be possible that i stop making trance.

so, you guys can vote, 70% or more for trance and everything will stay the way it is. (i hope so)

with hardcore (digital XTC for example) i also include hardstyle (in control for example)

hope i get much votes.

EDIT: forgot something to say, if hardcore wins, i'll ask Tom for a hardcore section

Core: biggest project yet

2007-10-21 04:56:29 by black-diamond

my latest song is done, it wasn't an easy one, but i love the result.

it's my biggest project yet because it took me a massive 40 hours to make it.
i have to admit, i didn't work very "efficient" on it,
i tried lots of new stuff, but i just wanted it to be perfect.
i think the best part of it is: the volume is turned down at the end of the "intro", you hear a couple of hi hats, which decrease in volume too.
and then the song continues at full power.

what's more amazing, is that the name wasn't already taken, my song "Pulsation Of Mind" was called "pulsar", but pulsar was already taken, and the remix was called "pulsar 2k7" but that didn't fit with my other song.
i also had this problem with "something nice" so i pasted an R behind it.

what's also pretty cool is that the bass is completely made out of 3xosc
here's a tut explaining this: 3xOSC bass tutorial

well, that's about it, i'm busy with another song at the moment so keep an eye on me, it will be pretty cool

musical weirdness

2007-10-20 16:27:54 by black-diamond

ever since i make music, i'm strangely enough not able to enjoy music as much as it was before.
i thought at first when i heard something that wasn't really good: whatever, no-one is perfect.
but now: why didn't they do this (paste improvement here) instead of this (the crappy thing).

another weird thing is that, when i'm only listening to music, i can see in front of me how it's made.
like seeing a piano roll in front of me.

if you wonder why a 12 year old can make music that can win best of the week (endless abyss), it's because i had 7 weeks to practice (the not so summery summer vacation) and because i'm first grade now (school systems are weird here, according to a friend in australia) homework isn't killing me, so i have plenty of time to make stuff.

Something completely offtopic: i got a new computer, from the outside it looks like an 8 year old pc, but it has some very nice hardware.

intel celeron 1,4 ghz
256 mb of RAM
graphic card with 16 mb of memory
18,6 GB harddisk
an old cd burner

AMD athlon xp 3000+ 3,0 ghz
2 gb of RAM (OMFG!)
NVidea GeForce 6800 Ultra (256 mb memory)
2 40 GB harddisks and 1 20 GB harddisk
DL DVD-R burner

so you could say for sure that was an improvement.