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2008-02-26 05:49:55 by black-diamond

i really hate them, they killed my score on The Theory. because of that, i sent our favorite nice guy Tom Fulp a PM.

this is what i said

Dear Tom Fulp,

Just yesterday i was very mad because someone 0-voted my latest song from a score of 4,90 to 3,84.
I'm talking about my song The Theory.

However, i have an idea to stop this, two actually.
One of them would be very simple and would cost only a few KB's of server space.
The other one cost a bit more space, but would be more effective.

1. Block 0 voting until you listened/viewed it.

On audio submissions, you could block the button to vote 0 untill you've heard at least (add number here) of it, and on flash if you've been at frame ..... (user specified value)

2. A list of users who voted.

I like this one more, it allows me to see who 0-bombed my submission, after which i PM the (add curse word here), asking for an explanation. if you make this viewable for everyone, it could also stop self-voting.

if anyone also wants 0 voters gone, please send copy&paste the italic part in a PM to Tom Fulp


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2008-02-26 08:51:00

What about tenners? Yes flaming is wrong, but did you notice that some really crap-flash or shitty-audio gets dozens of votes and good scores?

Maybe there should be just a limited amount of votes for each user (but before we have to solve a serious multiple account issue).


2008-03-08 12:43:36

i hate them zero bitches.
perhaps we can force them into writing a review, if they give a 0 / 5 :S